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Team Foundation Service is Microsoft offer in the growing arena of hosed Application Lifecycle Management tools. After months of beta testing and great user acceptance of the new service hosted TFS is ready to roll.


What do I get?

With Team Foundation Service free package you will get unlimited number of projects for 5 team members which is probably the best offer for small development teams. Removing the burden of constant maintenance of TFS box, backups, upgrades and patching will definitely increase productivity of small software development shops.

Agile Planning Tools and Customer Interaction

Microsoft has invested greatly in the Agile tools for Team Foundation Server 2012. Your team can now manage the product backlog and run your sprint or iteration cycles according to Agile practices by using the backlog and task board pages available.

Another big advantage is integrated customer feedback and bug reporting portal that comes for free with Team Foundation Service and enables team to maintain close interaction and collaboration with dispersed customers and users. This feature does not require any additional TFS licenses.

Source Control

According to the release info published by Microsoft there is no limit to the source control storage (Nice, nice, nice)


Build is the only component that is still in Beta. Once Build reach the production stage each account will get certain number of free builds each monthly.

There is a neat feature introduced by TFS and Azure few weeks ago. If you have Azure account, you can continuously deploy web apps from TFS Build to Azure. You can find step-by-step guide here.


You can access Team Foundation Service from almost any platform. This is shortened list of available clients

- Visual Studio 2010 and 2012

- Eclipse (connect to the service using the free Visual Studio Team Explorer Everywhere 2012 plug-in)

- Xcode (connect your local Git repository to the service using the free Git-TF command-line tools)

- Any SVN client using SvnBridge, free and open source software hosted on


Hosting Team Foundation Server on the Azure platform have some constraints. Right now, it is impossible to customize Process Templates for your projects and it is one of the most requested features. According to the members of TFS team, this requirement stands high in their product backlog too.

More Info

For more information check out Team Foundation Service Features Tour

Hive Studios Offer

If you are planning to move your on-premises TFS Server to the cloud feel free to contact us for additional information and quote.

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